Vision Statement

Students at Springwoods Elementary demonstrate integrity, resilience, empathy and confidence as they soar high to pursue personal and academic excellence. With the support of a comprehensive, developmentally appropriate, equitable and systematically delivered counseling program, students are provided with the necessary tools in order to become productive life-long learners in a 21st century global society.  

Our Mission

The Springwoods Elementary School Counseling program is a comprehensive program that promotes the diverse needs of our students in the areas of academic, social/emotional and career development.    We promote equity over equality and embrace the unique abilities of our individual students, providing them with the necessary tools for life-long success to become responsible members of the local, national and global society in the 21st century. 


 Beliefs & Philosophy

The Professional School Counselors at Springwoods Elementary:

  • Believe that all students are unique individuals with diverse needs.  
  • Believe in challenging stereotypes that deter equitable access to education of all students
  • Serve as advocates for all students.  
  • Ensure that every learner has access to a comprehensive school counseling program that is both developmental and preventive in nature.
  • Respect racial, ethnic, cultural differences and special needs of our students and communities, and consider these in planning programs. 
  • Use data generated by the school counseling department and reviewed by the counselors, administrators and advisory council to continually plan, evaluate and improve the counseling program
  • Incorporate technology to deliver a program that inspires and prepares students for careers of the future. 
  • Adhere to the ethical standards set forth by the American School Counselor Association.
  • Strive for continuous improvement through active participation in professional development activities.
  • Are state-certified, master's-degree-level school counseling professionals.