The Counselors' Corner
                                                                                               Meet Your Springwoods ES School Counselors
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Welcome to The Counselors' Corner! Our goal this school year is to help maximize classroom learning by using short, solution-focused counseling to empower students and teach them the skills they need in order to solve their challenges confidently. 

Springwoods School Counselors provide social-emotional, academic and career support through counseling lessons, short duration individual student counseling, small groups, and requested responsive support from teachers, parents, and students. Topics include, but not limited to, school anxiety, friendship issues, learning challenges and life changes.  

We are only one click away from supporting you.  You can reach us by calling 703-590-9874, by email using the email buttons above, or by filling out the online counseling slip below (for students only).  We will reach out to you as soon as we are able. 

                                                                         Online Counseling Slip (for students only)

                                   We look forwarding to working with you this school year. 

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