Dear Springwoods Families,

We’re excited to announce that our school community will be participating in the OPEN National Field Day event on Friday, May 8th! This event is optional for all students and families.  

Field Day is an important tradition at our school. It is a significant day for our students and our staff, and we feel that in these incredibly challenging times this national event is a unique way that we can stay connected as a community and support one another in a fun and meaningful way.  

OPEN (Online Physical Education Network) is a national public service organization that provides curriculum and training support to more than 90,000 teachers in all 50 states. We will be using their resources and social media network to help us organize our school’s participation in #NationalFieldDay.  

All #NationalFieldDay events are designed to be done indoors or outdoors using common household items. You won’t be asked to purchase any specialized equipment or supplies. 

Here’s how it will work:

  • Our school is now registered as a participant in this event.
  • The event website is
  • Your family will be asked to choose a minimum of 4 events to complete on Field Day. However, you may complete as many events as you would like. The lesson plans and how to videos can be found on Open PE and Springwoods PE websites.
  • From May 3 thru 7, we will follow #NationalFieldDay and watch the Field Day Torch travel across the country in preparation for the main event.
  • On May 8, our entire school is asked to participate in events, complete an official score card, take photos for family memories, and participate nationally on social media using #NationalFieldDay. Please remember this is optional and not graded.
  • After the event, your student will submit their scorecard via email to their physical education teacher (optional).
  • Every student that completes at least 4 events will receive an OPEN National Field Day certificate. 

We will continue to send you weekly updates on this fun and festive event. We appreciate your cooperation and are hopeful that your entire family will use it as a fun and meaningful way to be physically active together and with our entire school community.  

Stay well and let us know if you have any questions, 

Springwoods Physical Education:
Mr. Campbell email:
Mr. Seymour email:

Family Pack for activities
Open PE How to videos for activities How to perform activities/games
Five recommended games for all abilities Five simple games for field day  
Student practice pack Student Practice pack (please use the score card in this packet for your official score card)
Optional Extra events Optional Extra events and equipment for all extra actives List 
PDF of all activities Lesson plans for all activities We are are recommending you choose any four but please feel free to perform as many as you would like!

Spanish Event packs
Event pack 1 in Spanish
Event pack 2 in Spanish
Event pack 3 in Spanish