• natural resources 

    Materials or substances such as minerals, forests, water, and fertile land that occur in nature and can be used for economic gain

  • renewable resource 

    It is a natural resource that can be replaced in nature at about the same rate it is used

  • nonrenewable resource 

    It is a natural resource that exists in a fixed amount or that is used up faster than it can be replaced in nature. A natural resource that can't be replaced

  • fossil fuel

    Coal, oil, natural gas, and other fuels that are ancient remains of plants and animals.

  • conservation

    Careful use of resources.

  • recycling

    Convert waste into reusable material.

  • reservoir

    A natural or artificial pond or lake used to collect and store fresh water

  • spring

    A natural flow of water from underground that forms where the water table meets the land's surface

  • watershed

    A region of land that drains into a river

drops of fresh water that fall as precipitation from clouds

precipitation falling from clouds in the form of ice crystals

scientific reasoning based on an observation