Virtual Schoolhouse Learning Calendar: 

Access VSH Calendar Here

Multiple Content Areas:

MobyMax: This resource is very familiar to our students as they use it on a daily basis for math and on a frequent basis for reading. Other areas covered are social studies, science, writing, phonics, etc. Please feel free to explore this with your child! Students already know how to maneuver through the reading and math sections. I can also send them specific assignments/skills to review. Access MobyMax sign in here

PWCS Home Learning: Suggestions for daily learning, schedules, etc. Access PWCS home learning site here

Flocabulary: Videos and resources students can access. We used this in class but students will now need to join through my class code and make their own account under our class Join our class on Flocabulary here

Starfall: Reading and math games here on Starfall

ABCya: Another resource for reading and math games here at ABCya!

Brainpop, Jr.: We use this website regularly to introduce and review new skills across content areas. I may reference this site for introductory videos (I will always include a link) or to review a skill we previously learned. Feel free to look through and watch a few with your child (site is offering access to families during this time). Browse BrainPOP Jr. here 


Storyline Online: Students used this site during language arts stations for "listen to reading." Includes various read alouds for students to follow along to. Click to browse Storyline Online

RAZ Kids: I have created an account for each student which offers books on their specific reading level. This resource also offers comprehension quizzes at the end of reading. Access your child's RAZ Kids account here  

 Students used this site regularly during the school year and are familiar with the site. It offers books for students to read independently and also books that are read aloud for them to listen to. I can also send books about various content areas and it will appear right in your child's "mailbox."

Usually, this site cannot be accessed outside of school hours but they are opening access through the end of the school year. Browse titles on Epic here

Scholastic News: We use this resource frequently in school! Students will have access to the magazines of the month (which we would have read in class) and I will send comprehension packets to accompany the magazine. Check out Scholastic non-fiction reading magazines here

ReadWorks: You can make your child an account for free on this website. Once they have an account, they will have access to various reading passages and related comprehension questions. readworks

PBS Kids: Another resource for reading games can he found here through PBS Kids

*MobyMax, Starfall, ABCya, Brainpop, Jr. - see above


Prodigy: Great resource for math that the students already know how to use. Play Prodigy math games here

Origo at Home: Use this link to access daily math activities, no account needed. Explore Origo's extra math resources here

Bedtime Math: A great way for you and your child to spend quality time through practicing math each night (meant to be downloaded as an app and done at night with your child) - see the link for more info! Start your child's bedtime math routine here

*MobyMax, Starfall, ABCya, Brainpop, Jr. - see above

Science & Social Studies:

PebbleGo: Great resource for learning about various science topics. Start researching with Pebble Go here

Kids National Geographics: Great resource videos, games, etc. for science and history. Explore Kids National Geographic here

Great STEAM Ideas from Mrs. Ransom: Fun STEAM activities with Mrs. Ransom can be found here

Scholastic: Scholastic has offered these great resources to families as well! Have a curious child who is interested in knowing more about COVID-19 or struggling to understand what is happening? Check out this link with videos about germs, Q&A's, and guidance on speaking to your child about the virus. Help your child understand coronavirus through Scholastic's support

They have also offered these awesome free resources with links to fiction and non-fiction texts about the same topic (ex. fiction spider story and non-fiction spider text). There are also activities built in for the student to respond to after the text has been read! Explore additional non-fiction reading magazines through Scholastic