Dear Parents and Students,

I hope everyone is healthy and well during this time of uncertainty and difficulty. Our lives are being disrupted, but we will endure this if we work together.

To that end, I will provide links to each subject's pacing guide so that you will be aware of what's been taught and would be on-going in a normal routine.  Also, feel free to check the Useful Links on the left for more support resources.

In addition, the links will contain additional resources that remain relevant and will allow the students to continue reviewing and engaging in their educational goals.

Thank you again for your patience and cooperation. We can and will get through this trying time as long as we keep what's most important in mind: the kids and their futures and well-being.

In addition, I will have virtual office hours from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM, excluding holidays and weekends, where I will be readily available via e-mail and the Hub for communication.

For reading, as it is a continually reviewed skill, it is best to allow your kids to use resources, such as MobyMax, available chapter books at home, as well as the Documents link on this page, to help your kids continue to practice their reading skills.

In addition, you can review the information on the Curriculum link on the left to see the current units for each subject that were in progress.

Wally in a purple wagon

My name is La'Verne McDowell. I am new to Springwoods ES, but not to teaching. I have been teaching in Prince William County for fifteen years, along with several years in the private sector. I'm looking forward to teaching at Springwoods ES this year and hope that we as a team will ensure that all the students will have great success.

I enjoy writing and and cooking. I'm in the process of publishing a new novel. I hope someday to be able devote full time to writing. I'm also a proud owner of my company, Learn and Grow Kids. I developed this company because of my love for teaching and to keep myself always growing in my profession.

I have a son and a four legged Coton. I enjoy outdoor activities such as gardening, hiking, and long quiet days in the mountains. I'm a huge reader, when I have the time. My personal view of life is that you should live it to the fullest and always look forward to the future!

        My Teaching Philosophy:

The one thing that I have constantly focused on as a teacher is the importance of building a relationship with my students. I've aimed to make my classroom one of a community where ideas are shared and respected by all. I believe that being a community allows students to respect one another and embrace diversity of all.

Along with building relationships, I believe that helping students build a positive mindset is vital. Mindset focuses on how a student sees him/herself as a student and person.
My classroom strategy for building a positive mindset centers around each student meeting their personal goals and learning targets. Each student learns differently and I hope to aid them in embracing their own unique learning style. 

Lastly, the rule of respect is crucial to building a tight knit community. My goal is to lead students in appreciating themselves and showing tolerance for others. I think that teaching respect is as important as teaching the curriculum because it will help our children seek humane ways of dealing with conflict and striving to build a better and brighter world.

Our children are our future, lets teach them to respect themselves and others. Thank you for allowing me to share my philosophy of teaching.
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Daily Schedule

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